Take care the environment!

What’s up! The other day I start thinking about our planet and I realized that it could hardly get any worse, we are the next generations and we are the ones who can change our future and that of the planet and that everything starts when we set that goal to improve life in the planet because we are not the only living things here but we are the only ones that are damaging it, do you think that’s fair?  That the animals and the environment are the only ones that are suffering and that we are enjoying what we have? There is going to be a moment, even if you’re dead, when humans will suffer the consequences. 

I think we can start doing things to take care of the environment, or what is your opinion? 

And you can think “but if I start doing changes in my life, I am not going to change all the planet” and I’m going to tell you “but if everyone starts making good actions we can make a change, right?

You wouldn’t like to be one of the many people who could change the world, I would love it.

Hey, but do you know which are the actions we can take to change the planet for a better one, because if we don’t know how to do this who is going to do it? I´m gonna help you with that so read it but wait don’t only read it also do it.

~Use reusable bags.
~Turn off the lights.
~Save water.
~Plant trees.
~Save electricity.
~Recycled paper.
~Recycle garbage.
~Do not use a car, walk or go riding a bike.

These are few of a lot of actions you can start or continue doing to save the world.

Let’s take care of our environment!


Made by: Valeria Ramírez Marroquín

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